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"A Hum" - A Journey to The Stargazer Experience video

"A Hum" is a drone type track that was made in early March of 2016. As the long nights of Norwegian winters gave way once more to the all mighty Sun, so was the life around us reminded that it's time to wake up and bloom once again.

The video tells in parallel two stories, one of the origin of life on Earth and one of the life cycle we get to witness each year, as the seasons change.

Journey To The Stargazer Experience will be a full length music album containing songs that came up as a direct result of harmonic exploration and preparation of interactive music tracks contained in the video game "The Stargazer Experience". In style, songs range from pure drone music, relaxing ambient to rhythmical psybient tracks. All music is composed and produced by Vojislav Dimitrijevic, copyright by Dwarf Cavern AS 2016.


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